What to do in Angeles City?

Landed in Angeles City and want to know what to do? Most people come here to enjoy nightlife. AC is proudly offering it’s own Walking Street to tourists inside their Fields Avenue tourist district. It’s a Mile consisting of pubs, bars and nightclubs. Some places open during afternoon while most others start operating at around 18:00 hours.

Walking Street: Fields Avenue

Neon signs leading the way to Fields night clubs like Atlantis and Carousel

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Filipina Photo Shooting

Filipina photo

Filipins photo shooting on terraces of new annex building

Ever since this Pampanga hotel constructed and opened it’s annex building Clarkton has become a fantastic setting for portrait and fashion photography for Filipina Diary. Many amateur and professional photographers have used the hotel with it’s swimming pool area, Panorama Restaurant and balconies for cute portraits and pre-wedding shoots. There are many spots inside gardens and staircases offering perspective angles for bokeh-rich shots. Surrounding of the house along Ilang-Ilang Street present genuine opportunities for street photography and casual fashion photos. Using long focal tele lenses like Canon’s genuine 2.8 70-200 mm lens rewards shooters with fantastic rewards during early morning and afternoon. The area in Clarkview is considered very safe and people are always friendly with a curious smile on their faces.

Sunset in Clarkview

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to capture photos during sunset. While standing in front of the Hotel building there can be breath taking views when looking towards Subic Bay and Mount Pinatubo mountains. Variety of romantic colours mixed with random cloud formations. Together with a shot of Mirrors Bar neon sign it always makes for a great photo. Don’t have a real camera? Just use your iPhone. It makes great snaps!

Mirrors Bar Afternoon

Picturesque sunset in Clarkview in front of hotel. There is a Trike Patrol in front of entrance.

Happy since first Stay

It was 2000 when I first stayed at the Clarkton Hotel in Angeles City, Pampanga. I noticed this German managed hotel while staying at Oasis compound next to Ilang-Ilang Street and requested a room quote for their finest suites and studios. Their large pool, clean rooms and good maintenance impressed me and I am staying at Clarkton Hotel ever since for the past 12 years or so. Many things have changed, but the quality of the house remained well above local average. I will be writing about my various experiences and share my opinions with you about the best rooms of my favorite Pampanga hotel. Stay tuned for updates.

Hotel Pool

Nice daytime view from swimming pool area to old part of building an Panorama Restaurant.